DIY Anthropologie-Inspired Hardware

Remember the beautiful jute-wrapped hardware on our china cabinet I showed you on Monday?

It’s time for me to spill the dirty details of how you can make ’em yourself! They’re incredibly cheap and easy, so settle in and listen up!

Let’s start at the beginning – when Corey and I were looking for hardware for the china cabinet makeover, we wandered into Anthropologie to scope out what they had. We have always loved all of their hardware options, though they can be expensive, and we were hoping to find something unique and fun that would work for the piece.

We were immediately drawn to these gorgeous, nautical jute-covered pulls, but at $12 a pop, they were a bit too expensive for our taste.

(Via Anthropologie)

I told Corey that I was pretty confident I could re-create these at home (for much cheaper), so we headed out to track down what we’d need.

We got some jute at Hobby Lobby for $3.99 – it has way more than we needed, so I have some leftover for another project. I also could have gotten it for cheaper if I’d had a 40% off coupon! We didn’t see any pulls at Hobby Lobby that we liked, but we found some perfect ones at Lowe’s for about $2.50 a pop. I also used hot glue and super glue (not pictured) to attach the rope to the handle.

This is probably the easiest project I’ve ever done – promise. Here’s how it works:

Cut a piece of jute to about 18 inches or so. I just eyeballed it based on what I thought I would need. Attach it to the handle with super glue (hot glue will not stick to the handle at all, so super glue is important!).

(Please excuse my awful-looking nails. They are desperately in need of some new polish!)

Pull the rope around to the front and add some more super glue. Press and hold while it dries.

Pull it back around again and add super glue to the handle, then add some hot glue to the rope that you already have glued down – press it together for a few seconds.

Continue wrapping around, adding super glue to the handle itself and hot glue to hold the rope together. You could just as easily use super glue for the whole thing, but it’s a bit pricey and I always glue my fingers together, so I used hot glue whenever I could!

At the end, I just used a combo of super glue and hot glue (to make sure it really stuck) to attach the end of your rope to the back of the handle…and voila – you’ve got a super cheap jute-covered handle!

Want a little before-and-after action?

And here’s a reminder of how awesome they look on our chine cabinet:

I love them!

Have you made over and hardware lately? What do you think about the ever-popular nautical theme? It’s definitely been my obsession lately!

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