Fillin’ Up the Walls

Currently, Corey and I have a very sad lack of art in our home. I mean, we don’t have completely empty walls – we have our gallery wall

Our hallway art

And the DIY silhouettes in the guest room.

But, uh, that’s about it. We both enjoy art and would like to add quite a bit more to our home, but it’s not always very cheap, and we’re both a bit on the picky side so finding things that we can both agree on isn’t exactly easy.

That’s why it’s really awesome when every once in a while we just stumble on something that happens to be perfect for one of the rooms in our home. That’s what happened this past weekend when we took a random trip to Home Goods and found some gold and white floral art that was on sale for 50% off – only $15 each! We immediately knew it was perfect for the empty wall in our guest room, so we snatched them up and brought ’em home…and we were right – perfection!

We love how they play off the gold in the bed, and we’re happy to have some soft floral lines in here to counteract all of the stripes, high-contrast colors, and angular lines in the room.

Neither of us can really believe that this room is actually starting to come together so well – this just might be the first room in our house we actually finish! We both joke that we’re jealous of our guests for having a more put-together room than we do, but it’s nice to have a pretty spot for our guests to land, so we don’t complain much. This room finally got put to use this weekend for the first time since we started working on it when our friends Audrey and Kyle came into town, and I think it’s safe to say it was a smashing success!

What were you up to this weekend? Any awesome random finds or new art for your home?

4 thoughts on “Fillin’ Up the Walls

  1. I am loving the update! I had a dream over the weekend that I ran into you at Michael’s and you were working up something awesome for the guest room. Funny since we’ve never met and you made it into my bizarre dream but I guess that goes to show I’m a loyal reader. 😛


  2. I know I’ve been MIA from commenting, I’m sooo sorry! I’ve just caught up with your blog though and I’m LOVING everything you guys have been up to. This art is so absolutely perfect for the room, I love it so much. Every time I see you guys complete another project, I always think “oh my god, they are SO GOOD AT THIS” and I’m incredibly jealous. 😉 Talk soon!!


  3. I know you love the kelly green… but I think this room could really rock the stark color scheme you have going of black, white and gold with the pale pink accents. (humor me and just pull the pillows and the green throw off for 5 minutes!) But maybe I am just in a stark decorating phase myself! (darn you apartmenttherapy!)

    Those pictures are really rad! And looks awesome with the bed! definitely a great update!


    Amanda Reply:

    Oh, I definitely agree! That’s exactly why we ended up choosing to go with just small green accents around the room that are easily removed so that we can switch things up and go to a more minimalist look if we get tired of the green. I’m a huge fan of neutral rooms too, but Corey prefers color, so it’s a bit of a compromise. :)


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