Fixing Our Flowers

Since Corey and I moved into the house at the end of the summer last year, this has been the first time we’ve been able to experience spring in our new home – and there are no words for how much fun it’s been so far! We got to watch all of our plants and trees go from lush and green to brown and dead, and now they’re coming back again – it’s all way more exciting than I thought it would be.

I’ll admit, Corey and I were a bit worried at first because we have absolutely no idea how to take care of any of the plants in our yard, and we were convinced we were going to kill everything and be stuck with nothing but ugly, dead plants. But so far, that hasn’t been the case!

We spent some time outside last weekend trying to take care of things, and I’m feeling good about the direction our yard is going – and if we’re being honest, anything will look better than it did before. Let’s take a look at how overgrown, crazy, and weed-y our yard was looking last week.

Let’s start by taking a closer look at those bushes by the back door. The one closest to the door? This is what it looked like up close:

Yeeeeah. It was ugly. And the other bushes? They were just as bad.

Basically, they all looked like big, green, overgrown blobs. They were adding absolutely nothing to the yard, and drove me crazy every time I looked at them. I immediately began hacking away at the bush by the door, hoping to make it look at least a little more easy on the eyes. And the others? After a big of debating, Corey and I decided there was no way to make them look pretty. So they had to go.

Muuuuuch better. The grass underneath the bushes we removed should grow back pretty quickly (it’s only been a week and it’s already filling in a bit), and we didn’t remove the last bush because there wasn’t any grass there, and it would have left a big patch of dirt right next to the door – not cute.

The next step was to head over to the flower bed on the side of the house and see what I could do about getting rid of some of those weeds. I didn’t take a ton of before pictures, so you’ll just have to go off the one above, but trust me when I say there were a lot of weeds. It was bad. After about half an hour of pulling, yanking, and cursing myself for not doing it sooner, I finally had a clean flower bed.

But that flower bush on the far right side of the flower bed? It was getting a little too wild and it needed to be taken down a notch (or seven). I had no idea how to prune it, but a little bit of Googling taught me the basics – remove any limbs that are crossed over one another or entangled, and then do what you can to make it aesthetically pleasing.

Well, once I got to pruning, I quickly realized that almost every single branch was wrapped up in another branch – this poor bush was just about to strangle itself. So, I started cutting, got rid of all of the branches that looked like they were in the way of another branch’s growth, and then I stepped back….to see that I had basically massacred the entire bush.

Whoops? But at least you can actually see the flowers on it now – that’s an improvement, right? I’m hoping that the bush will fill it a little more and look less depressing, and I’m hoping that I didn’t completely ruin it by taking away so much. It’ll grow back, right?

I did a little more trimming in the other bushes (but I was scared to destroy them now, so I was much more careful with my cutting!) and soon enough I had a flower bed that actually looked like someone cares about it.

Much better! I gave the bushes a week to see if the pruning helped at all, and maybe I’m imagining it, but when I checked them again this weekend I was almost positive that they were looking a bit healthier and more flower-y!

Love! I’m so happy to have pretty flowers and I hope they continue to bloom over the next few weeks. Now I just need to learn a little more about what else I can plant in our bed so we can fill it in a bit and help it look less sparse.

What’s your favorite part about spring? Have you ever over-pruned a poor innocent flower bush?

8 thoughts on “Fixing Our Flowers

  1. I don’t think your flower bush looks sad at all! I think it’s a major improvement, and yes it will definitely fill in. I’d suggest getting some super black mulch down to help with the weeds and also to make everything look much cleaner. Remember to wear gloves though! Your hands will stain if you don’t!

    Your roses are absolutely gorgeous, by the way!!


  2. I think it already looks so much better! Our front yard is coming along, but our backyard is a disaster and we have no idea where to start! One thing at a time :)


  3. I’m loving all the light. It’s grey here most of the year and a few more sunny days make a HUGE difference. We don’t usually over prune but we have been know to over water. I’ve killed a few plants that way.


  4. Out backyard is SOO overgrown. I have tried pruning parts, but our backyard is so huge I’d literally need to spend hours everyday working on it. Which is exactly what the couple who lived here before us did. Parts of our backyard do still look nice. But I’m glad the formers owners can’t see what we’ve done to their yard.


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