Y’all are going to laugh at me for this one, but up until spring break a couple of weeks ago (you know, a good seven months after we moved here) I had never really taken the time to look around at what our neighborhood has to offer.

Crazy, right? But to me, it wasn’t a huge deal – we know the neighborhood fairly well since my sister has lived here for years, and we know we like the area, so there wasn’t much debate about whether or not we would like the neighborhood when we were in the process of buying the house. And once we got here things became so crazy with work, doing stuff to the house, and enjoying being back in Austin that we just never took the time to wander around the neighborhood and get to know it better.

But over spring break, we decided it was high time we fix that. I knew there was a park down the street from us, but since we don’t have kids we haven’t ever had much of a reason to go down there, so I hadn’t seen it yet. So, one afternoon once we got tired of sitting around on the couch watching television, we decided to round up the dogs and take them for a walk down to the park.

It would be a complete understatement to say I was blown away when I saw the park. I was picturing a small area with maybe a playscape or two and a few trees. But when we got close and saw that the park has its own road leading up to it (complete with a parking lot), I knew it was way better than anything I had imagined.

We decided to check out one of the walking paths leading into the park, and discovered a small off-leash area for dogs. We didn’t let our dogs run around because it wasn’t fenced in (and we’re totally paranoid) but it was nice to know we have the option! We continued on a little further and found a small pond with a giant, beautiful open area to run around and play.

I was completely surprised to find such a nice park, and I had no idea that anything like this existed within walking distance of our house. There were some gorgeous trees, a couple of different playscapes, and a ton of picnic tables and grilling areas.

The dogs were getting tired from all of our walking, so we decided to let them get a quick drink of water from the pond. Cullen, ever the dainty dog, sniffed at it, took a quick drink, and backed away quickly.

Ranger, on the other hand, seemed to think that “quick drink” meant “let’s go swimming.” Poor Corey almost got dragged straight into the middle of the pond.

I’m completely confident that if we hadn’t had a leash on that crazy dog he would have gone for a nice, long swim.

We spent some time relaxing in the park before heading home, and on our way back I saw a patch of bluebonnets and couldn’t resist the photo opportunity. All good Texan girls know that you can’t walk by bluebonnets without snapping a few pictures!

We had a great time at the park, and I’m so glad we decided to explore the neighborhood! I can’t believe we lived here for over half a year before we actually visited the park, and I have a feeling we’ll be taking the dogs for walks down there much more often now that we know about it. The dogs loved the opportunity to get out of the house and go for a nice walk, and I think they’ll like having a new place to visit…as long as they can come home and relax afterwards, because apparently long walks are completely exhausting.

Do you have any parks in your neighborhood? Ever lived somewhere for a long time before actually looking around?


8 thoughts on “Exploring

  1. That looks beautiful! How nice to have so close to your house. I’d love to go picnicking there during the warmer months (or are all months warm in TX??). Looks like the dogs loved it! I wish my dogs had the same enthusiasm for swimming as Ranger does!


  2. That is an awesome park to have nearby! And it looks like you guys had it all to yourselves. We take our dog on a walk almost every day and while we have discovered some parks and a little walking path by a creek, our normal route has become routine. I think we need to try switching it up to see what else is in our neighborhood too!


    Amanda Reply:

    Yes, we did have it almost all to ourselves! There was a group of people leaving as we got there, and then about 2 other families – it was very nice!


  3. Beautiful park! I know there are a lot of nice parks in C.S., but we live kind of on the edge of the sketchy part of Bryan, so I’m hesitant to do too much walking unless it’s just around our neighborhood. Occasionally we’ll drive to some of the other parks for picnics or to play Frisbee.


    Amanda Reply:

    There are some nice parks in CS! We loved the one over by Petsmart and Home Depot – they have a great dog park!


  4. That’s awesome that you discovered such a great hidden gem in your neighborhood…and even though it took over a year, better late than never :).

    We have a great little park right around the corner from our house, and it’s really long so it’s great for throwing the ball for the dogs. We try to take them every day when at all possible.


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