Friday Finds: Washington DC

So, I’m loving getting to visit all of these different Craigslists (Craigslistes? Craigslisti? What’s the plural of Craigslist?) but I have to confess – I find a new city I want to move to every week now! That, or I find myself wanting to spend exorbitant amounts of money to have these (AMAZING) furniture pieces shipped to me!

I didn’t realize it until after I had gathered all of the finds for this week, but it looks like I have dressers on my brain. Either that or the people of Washington DC own the most amazing dressers ever. Maybe a little bit of both?

All I know is that I’m totally jealous of Camille, the lovely reader who asked me to scope out what I could find in Washington DC, because she actually could go out and buy every one of these ridiculously beautiful pieces. I know I would if I were her.

(Craigslist Washington DC – $260)

Oh, hello most amazing dresser EVER. Y’all, I’m in love with this thing. The hardware is amazing, I love the slightly curvy legs and the pretty detail on the bottom, and OMG that color is amazing. On a slightly unrelated note, I’m also a little obsessed with how they’ve styled the room and this dresser. I love the orange flowers with the blue dresser, and that lamp and mirror are both gorgeous. I am not even kidding when I say that I’m contemplating a road trip up to DC to pick this guy up.

(Craigslist Washington DC – $325)

I love love love the shape of this dresser. It’s nice and simple with clean lines, and some very subtle detailing on the legs. Gorgeous! And again with that beautiful industrial hardware – it’s perfect! I probably would want to paint this guy – it would look good in just about any color! If I bought it, though, it would definitely get painted a glossy black and placed in our guest room. Wouldn’t it fit in perfectly?!

(Craigslist Washington DC – two for $150)

I usually try to avoid putting Ikea furniture in these posts (or really, any furniture that you could find at a big box store), but this deal is too good to skip including! I really love this line of furniture from Ikea, and Corey and I have been seriously contemplating picking up a piece or two from the collection. Since there are two of these, I think they would look amazing used as extra-large bedside tables (in our guest room? Perfect fit!) or even flanking a couch. This is even better than a buy one get on free deal here, people – someone needs to snag these guys!

(Craigslist Washington DC – $400)

I am having a big love affair with bamboo pieces right now – especially after my sister bought a beautiful faux bamboo dresser for my nieces’ play room and gave it the most amazing makeover ever. The listing says that there is only one of these guys left, but I would kill for a set of dressers like this to use on either side of the bed in our guest room. They would look amazing next to our brass bed! Can you tell I’ve been thinking about the guest room a lot lately? But seriously, these dressers look amazing with almost any color of paint on them, and I’d love to have one or two to use somewhere in my house!

(Craigslist Washington DC – $200)

I guess this one is technically more buffet than dresser, but it could be used as either one. I know some of you are looking at the finish on it and cringing, but I am actually just a little bit in love with it. It has that Anthropologie-ish vibe that I can never quite attain in my own house but always drool over it in other spaces. I think that this thing could easily be left alone and placed in a living room (or dining room, or bedroom – wherever, really) under a pretty vintage mirror with an eclectic collection of pretty things sitting on top of it. Gorgeous. Of course, if the Anthro look isn’t really your thing, this buffet would also look fabulous painted. Or stained. Or whatever – it has amazing bones and would look awesome with just about any finish on it!

(Craigslist Washington DC – $150 each)

And finally, my other little crush right now – campaign style dressers. I can’t tell if the photos are just deceiving or if this pair is really as deep as it looks like they are, but I think they’re adorable. They would look great next to a couch or a bed – and my favorite color for campaign pieces right now is kelly green, thanks to Centsational Girl’s post about her kelly green campaign style desk this week. So beautiful!

Okay, so I guess it’s time for me to start packing. And maybe rob a bank so I can afford to buy all of these pieces once I make it to Washington DC. (Just kidding – I’m not really going to rob a bank. At least, I probably won’t.)

Keep the Friday Finds requests coming, please! I’m having a blast virtually visiting all of your cities!

Is there a specific piece of furniture you’re lusting after right now? Obviously I’m in the market for a dresser or two!

Wanna see a Friday Finds done in your area? Shoot me an e-mail at and you can see what we might find in your town!


10 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Washington DC

  1. You really do have the touch when it comes to finding great things on Craigslist! That first dresser is my favorite. I’m just too cheap to spend that much on any piece of furniture (aside from my couch….that was worth my hard-earned money!). Plus, DC is just so freaking expensive in general that I probably wouldn’t even be able to afford a $300 anything! I do miss that city though. Ugh :( I lived right outside of DC in Northern Virginia and really only miss the weather!


    Amanda Reply:

    Hah, thanks! It’s mostly just a lot of patience. :)


  2. Wooo!! so excited to see that you did DC for me! (ok, so not JUST for me, but I’m still very excited 😉 ). The first dresser is gorgeous–so many good finds!


  3. I’m totally feeling you on that second to last dresser. I’d love to see that in somebody’s industrial loft with a long table cloth sort of impractically draped over it, with a stack of books and a really cool, curvy vase or lamp. I wish I could pull off that look….


    Amanda Reply:

    Ahh that sounds amazing. I wish I could pull it off too!


  4. Dang it! I can’t wait until you do Atlanta, because I’m currently looking for a dresser and can’t find ANYTHING and like Corinne said, you definitely have the CL touch!


  5. Such great finds, as always. I’m really loving the mabmboo ones and that first one is gorgeous. If I ever need to sell something on craiglist, I’ll have to take a tip form them and work on styling it better.


    Amanda Reply:

    Yes, I agree! I don’t usually pay much attention to the styling, but I will from now on!


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