Bedroom Updates

Since we moved in about six months ago, I would have to give our bedroom the award for “most improved” so far. It’s gone from this:

To this:

To, most recently, this:

And I have to say that Corey and I are feeling pretty good about the progress we’ve made in here! It’s a colorful yet relaxing room, and I can literally feel the stress melting off of me every time I step in there. It’s a long way from finished, but we’re getting there.

The list of things we still want to do in our bedroom is long (as is the list of things we want to do in every room in our house, so who’s surprised?) but we finally got one thing crossed off recently.

That’s right – I’ve got a new “progress” shot to share with you today. Our bedroom now looks like this:

Ahhhhh, there’s nothing I love more than a crisp white headboard (well, okay maybe I love a few things more, but it’s pretty high up on the list)!

We’ve been wanting to give our bed a makeover for quite some time – the old look was okay, but it was much to traditional for our modern and colorful room, and even though we’re all about mixing wood tones, we didn’t love how the dark wood in the headboard looked with the lighter wood in our dressers (and when you think about adding in even darker wood flooring someday, the room started to feel very heavy filled with way too many wood tones). We love how our white nightstands pop against our deep peacock blue walls, so it was an easy decision for us to turn our wood-and-tan bed into a white-white-and-more-white bed.

This was another one of those projects that doesn’t even require a walkthrough for you, because all we did was take it apart, paint and reupholster it, and put it back together. It was beyond simple and completely transformed the look of our bed. Really, our whole room.

I’ll admit that I was really nervous about this project before we did it – I knew that I wanted to have a white, upholstered headboard, but this was the first time we’ve ever completely transformed a piece of furniture that we actually spent real money on. Most of our makeovers are to old, cheap pieces that we find at garage sales or thrift stores. This bed, however, was purchased from an actual furniture store for a (relatively speaking) large amount of money. I was terrified that we’d hate the result, but luckily we went with our gut on this one and ended up absolutely loving it.

Of course, now that we are in love with the bed, it just makes it even more painfully obvious that we have absolutely zero art up above it. That’s something we plan on fixing as soon as possible – as soon as we sit down and make a decision about what the heck to put up there.

Our bedroom obviously still has a long way to go – we still need to replace that awful carpet with some rich wood flooring, add some height to the room with a tall Ikea wardrobe along the wall next to the bed, get a nice giant rug, potentially add a sitting area in a corner of the room, and (of course) layer in a ton of accessories and art. But, for now, I feel pretty good about the baby steps we’re making.

And, you know, it totally doesn’t hurt that every time I see my new beautiful, white bed I start grinning like a maniac.

Have you ever made over a piece of furniture that wasn’t from a thrift store or garage sale? Did it make you as nervous as it made me?

18 thoughts on “Bedroom Updates

  1. I love the color! What a cheerful place to wake up every morning :)


    Amanda Reply:

    Thanks – it is cheerful! All the bright white we’re getting in here really help wake you up, haha. :)


  2. I really love everything you’ve done with the room. I would love to fill our bedroom up with colors and prints and cool patterns like this, but hubs and I have a hard time agreeing on colors. Unless the color is green, or sometimes brown. And that’s why every room in our house has elements that are brown or green.


  3. I’m not sure if you’ve addressed this in another post, but where did you find the bench at the foot of your bed? This is exaclty what the hubs and I have been looking for! The headboard looks fabulous. I love how this room has come together.


    Amanda Reply:

    Thanks! We found the bench on Craigslist a few months back. We had to paint and recover it – you can read about it here, if you’re interested:


  4. I just painted my interior front door that color called Slate Teal by BM. What is the name of your color? It’s good to see it in a whole room because I was wanting to paint our dining room this color but was unsure.


    Amanda Reply:

    It’s Olympic’s Jamaican Breeze – we LOVE it! :)


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