Corey and I don’t have much (actually, any) red in our home on a regular basis. Our colors lean more towards oranges and yellows, and even though Corey loves red we haven’t found a good way to bring it in yet.

Of  course, now that we’ve got the house all decorated for Christmas, I’ve got red everywhere I look! This was a last minute addition to our decor when we realized we have way more ornaments than we actually need for our tree, and I wanted some way to display them. I grabbed my favorite cake stand, tossed some ornaments in, and plopped it down in the kitchen. It’s not the fanciest Christmas decoration ever, but it does the trick to bring a bit of the Christmas feeling into our kitchen, and it helps beef up our otherwise sparse collection of Christmas decor.

What are some tricks you use to make your house feel more Christmas-y if you don’t have a lot of decorations?

P.S. I thought I’d share an outtake from today’s prompt. I originally wanted to share a photo of Ranger hanging out by our fireplace in his Christmas sweater (which he loved wearing last year), but as soon as I put it on him, he totally froze up on me refused to move, no matter what I tried – he wouldn’t even look at me!

What. a. weirdo.


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7 thoughts on “Red

  1. Ranger is too GQ to look directly in the camera. LOL. I love your decoration idea! I may steal it (like I steal so many of your other fab ideas). Here’s a super cheap decorating tip I loooove: When I go to buy a Christmas Tree, they always have to trim off the branches at the bottom so that it’ll go inside a tree stand. I ask the guy if I can keep the branches, and I take them home and put them in a vase, or make a centerpiece out of them. Cheap, fresh, and free! I LOVE CHRISTMAS


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