Oh goodness. Another space I can’t believe I’m showing you. This is mine and Corey’s closet. And oh my word, does it ever need some help. As you can see, it’s incredibly messy, awkwardly laid out, and is crying out for some organization.

Eventually, I’d like to add in some more hanging space on both sides (Corey’s side only has one bar, and if we raised it up a bit we could easily fit a second one underneath), and I’d like to do something on the back wall that makes a bit more sense than those little shoe shelves – I had those in my closet in College Station and every time I look at them I’m transported back to my college days. I also envision some shelving for shoes all along the bottom perimeter of the closet. This closet has crazy a high ceiling, so once we get to the point of giving it a makeover, I want to make sure we utilize every bit of the height in the room.

Also? It’d be really nice to give it a good coat of paint, a pretty chandelier, and all-matching hangers. It’s the little things that will help make this closet feel less like it’s straight out of our old college apartment and more like a custom space that we can actually be proud of!

Let’s talk about your closet – love it? Hate it? What would your dream closet look like?


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3 thoughts on “His & Hers

  1. I love our closet! It’s huge, it’s laid out well…..it’s a rental. Well, the house is a rental. So that closet is just temporary and not really mine. :( But it helps me know what I want in the future! Looks like you have great shelving in your closet (I prefer the built ins to what we have…that wired stuff, things fall through). Add some clear boxes or something, and you’re good to go!


  2. Ooh, I think you’ve inspired me with the painted walls & chandelier idea!! I am working on re-doing my closet with Ikea’s pax system, and will def blog about it when it’s done!


  3. I’m slowly working on all the closets in our house to make them more exciting. Our nursery closet has an awesome lime green chandelier and fun paint with curtains. I’m going to build a bookcase door for another, turn our hall one into a “craft closet”, which leaves the master closet. I have no clue what to do with it. I think it will end up being my chaotic refuge from all this orderly design. Everybody needs someplace to be a dumping ground! At least that’s how I’m justifying it 😉


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