Corey and I don’t currently have a lot of art in our home, aside from the photos in our gallery wall. I’ve been thinking of where and how I can get some more art on our walls, and when I was cleaning out my old room at my parent’s house and stumbled on this frame from the photo booth at our wedding, I knew I had to bring it home to hang somewhere in our house.

It’s a perfect fit for the small wall at the end of our upstairs hallway, and would add some much needed color and interest to the otherwise bland space (you know, once we actually hang it). The only problem? I have absolutely no idea what to put in it. I don’t love the idea of a photo that large, and most of the prints that I’ve found just wouldn’t look right with the frame. I am not against making something myself, but it would have to be simple because I am not particularly talented at creating art that’s good enough that I’m wiling to stare at it every time I go down my hallway. And no way am I making it a mirror – I don’t want to be constantly forced to look at myself every time I want to go in the bedroom!

I’d love some ideas on what we could put in the frame – I’m at a total loss!


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8 thoughts on “Art

  1. I found a lot of simple canvas paintings on Pinterest. Just do a search for “DIY Painting” and there are a lot of simple things you could definitely do. Even if you paint a canvas that is slightly smaller than the frame and hang the frame around it.


  2. How about backing it with chicken wire and using clothespins to attach Christmas cards and snapshots? Kind of like a revolving gallery. Or you could cover a corkboard in fun fabric and use it as a message board. Or just a dark fabric with glass over it as a sweet message board like the ones on Pinterest. I’ve got the opposite problem – too many ideas and not enough wall space!! Hahaha


  3. Take a canvas, some crayons in whatever colors you think will blend well, and melt them to the canvas with a hair dryer. It’s amazingly fun. Then, if you’re not satisfied with the canvas, glue broken jewelery or anything else random (or not so random) to the canvas.


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