The Little Things

There have been a ton of things that we’ve found about the new house so far that we absolutely love. It’s wonderful not to share a wall with anyone, we love having the extra space, and we don’t have bugs roaming the house.

But, there are just a few things that many people would probably take for granted that we are exceptionally excited about.

Like having a garage.

Of course, right now the garage is packed full of boxes and various trash, but someday (soon) it will be empty and ready for storage. It’s so nice to have that extra space to toss things that don’t get used often, and it’s especially exciting to me because I’ve actually never lived in a home with a garage before.

An extra perk of the garage?

That’s right, we have two refrigerators! We were psyched that the previous owners left this extra fridge in the garage, but we haven’t quite figured out how we’re going to utilize it yet. Currently, we have all of our soft drinks and beer out here, but someday I’d like to figure out a few other things that we can store in here to free up our main fridge.

Another little thing that we’re very happy to have is this guy:

None of the places that Corey and I lived in College Station had a sink sprayer, and almost every time I cleaned I wished I had one. Everyone who I’ve told about this laughs at me for being so excited, but sometimes it’s the things you take for granted that are really important! I haven’t trained myself to actually remember that this thing is here yet, so I haven’t used it much, but I’m very happy to have the option to use it.

Speaking of something that can be taken for granted…

Words cannot even begin to describe how much of a luxury it is for us to have an ice maker. For the past four years we have been getting all of our ice out of ice cube trays, and we were both about to lose our minds because of it. We used to ration out our ice because neither of us ever wanted to be the one to fill up the trays, and I lost count of how many times we would need ice only to realize we were out and would have to wait several hours before some more was frozen.

Of course, the day we moved in we realized that the ice maker in our fridge wasn’t working (it was working when we came up the weekend before to paint, so we’re not sure what the problem is) but thanks to our home warranty we had someone come out to fix it and we’re back in ice-making business!

And the last little thing that Corey and I have been particularly happy about in this house is our glorious gas stove.

Before living here, I had never cooked on a gas stove, so it’s taking me some time to get used to it, but so far I am in love. When I used to have to wait ten minutes to get a pot of water to boil, it now takes about five. The cleanup is easier, it cooks more evenly, and it’s just all-around wonderful. I’ll never go back to an electric stove again!

Every day Corey and I are still finding new little things about this house that make us smile. We’re head over heels in love with it, and we feel so spoiled to have all of these little luxuries that we aren’t used to having!

What are some little things in your house that make you happy?

21 thoughts on “The Little Things

  1. Yayyyy! I’m so happy that you’re in love with the house!! We have a gas stove too and one of the burners has never been able to light itself, we have to manually light it. It’s super annoying & I have no idea how to fix it!!

    I was super happy when we moved in that the previous owners had obviously hired someone to clean the house from top to bottom. When we got here, it was SPOTLESS. We didn’t have to do a single thing to get it ready to move into, which we LOVED. I will do that any time we move because it was just so awesome to have that done for us.


  2. Having a second fridge is so helpful. We don’t have one now but we need one. It makes buying in bulk a lot easier. Put half of your meat in the inside freezer and half outside and you’re not taking up precious ice cream space in the inside freezer! Of course, the outside fridge is super important for beer, wine and soda. :)


  3. I never had a garage either. It was on Jim’s must list and it makes him so happy. He got a fridge off craiglist for it, which I love for extra storage. These are all probably in his top 5 list of favorite things about the house.My favorite detail was our pantry cabinet. It has a ton of storage for a small space because it has racks on the door, then a swinging rack for more storage before you get to the actual shelves. I showed it off to everyone we gave a house tour to when we first moved. It’s good to enjoy the little things!

    Having a garage is awesome for projects! I’m sure you and Corey will be whipping up a ton in there :)


  4. All of these perks sound amazing! We don’t have a second fridge or a garage, but our apartment came with a updated kitchen and the gas stove is a dream! I love everything about it, and would also never go back to an electric stove. My parents had two fridges when I was growing up – the outdoor one was for sodas, beer and extra frozen meat in the freezer portion :)


  5. When we moved into our house, the thing I was most excited about was having a garbage disposal again! I hadn’t had one in over two years, and let me tell you I was SICK of picking food out of the sink! Blech. Soooo happy with having one now, it’s been a dream. Glad you’re loving your new place!


  6. This is one big con about living in a new condo — while everything is bright and new and shiny when you move in, it just doesn’t have the charm of older houses! My sister and I always loved discovering “new” things about the older houses we lived in (for example, a full year after we moved into my parents’ current house, we found a hidden pantry under the stairs) and there was none of that when my husband and I moved into our condo. Also, being from the suburbs, I really, really miss having a garage. Glad you guys are having such a great time with your new home!


  7. I did the same thing when we first moved into our new house! I loved the garage, second fridge, and sprayer just like you, but I also loved having two sinks and a giant bathroom! You know how small our old bathroom was. It’s so nice to be able to get ready at the same time and not be in each others way! Also, the garbage disposal! Its wonderful! And recycling! I love it!

    As far as what to put in your second fridge, we put drink/alcohol like you already have, but also meat. It’s nice to have some freezer space in the inside fridge and for it to not be completely full of stuff! I’m so excited you are finding stuff you love! It’s great!

    P.S. I am so jealous that you have a gas stove!!!!


  8. We just bought our first house and it’s the first time I’ve ever lived in a single-family dwelling which is awesome. I was most excited about having a thermostat. Our heater at our last apartment was only OFF and ON and we didn’t have A/C before. It’s so nice to be able to program the thermostat and come home to a cool house.

    I wish we had a second refrigerator but my husband doesn’t understand why I would want one.

    Do houses in Texas usually come with appliances? Our house had a microwave over where the stove was supposed to go and a dishwasher, but no range and no refrigerator. Maybe it’s a California thing.


    Corey Reply:

    When we first looked at our home it was still occupied. So, the refrigerator and range were still there. When we wrote the offer we required that the refrigerator and all other appliances convey (stay with the house). I know that it is especially common for refrigerators to get moved as well, but stoves are supposed to stay. That is if there was one there when you looked at the house.


  9. Very jealous of your garage and second fridge! I am so glad our house has a garbage disposal, gas stove, and a dishwasher. Another thing I’ve come to really appreciate is how much I love our location. My husband bought this house before I even met him, so I moved in without knowing much about the area, and I’m constantly surprised by how great it is for us. Thanks for the reminder to be grateful for the things I love about our house!


  10. Yay for loving the little things in your new place! Having a second fridge has come in handy for my parents when it comes to the holidays. I’m excited to have a second one when we move.


  11. I love the little things! I feel the same way about my house (for me, it was having my own bathroom. SO NICE). My mom has a second fridge in her garage. She uses it mostly for frozen meats and things she bought in bulk, or when it is a holiday, the extra food goes there. She also keeps things we just don’t use as often there (flours and such). Also, ice makers and sprayers are the bomb dot com.


  12. Gas stoves are beyond amazing – our new place that we’re moving to next month will have one, and we couldn’t be more excited after 2+ years of an electric stove! Scot is also super excited about the second fridge in our soon-to-be basement.. we brew our own beer, and that has already been designated “the beer fridge”!

    One thing we learned to look for and really appreciate in an apartment or house is having an outlet in the bathroom. It sounds weird, but the first place we lived in together didn’t have one, and it was SO hard to get used to! No night light, no hair dryer, no nothing. It’s definitely one of the first things we’ve started looking for now!


  13. having a sink sprayer installed in our old kitchen was huge, so i hear you on that one. for me, i am excited about having a dishwasher in my new place. i have not had a dishwasher for years. YEARS.


  14. I grew up with a gas stove, but we currently have an electric one in our house. I’d love to have a gas one though, and definitely think that’s something we’ll need to consider when we’re looking for our next house


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