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Happy Friday! I hope your week was wonderful, and I hope you’ve enjoyed all of these guest posts! Today’s the last one, and it’s an amazing Friday Finds post from my blogging BFF, Mandy (at Married up with Wine). Mandy’s blog is incredibly well-written, humorous, and just all around awesome. I was so happy when she said she wanted to do the Friday Finds post, because I knew she’d come up with something amazing, and she absolutely didn’t disappoint! Enjoy her post, check out her blog if you haven’t already, and be sure to meet me back here Monday when my blogging break will be over! :)

Hey everyone! I’m Mandy, otherwise known as Mrs. Socks on Weddingbee, and I’m so happy that I could write this Friday Finds post for Amanda. I’m now writing on my blog Married up with Wine about my adventures, travels, and upcoming move to Spain! Every Friday, I’m blown away by some of the pieces that Amanda finds on Craigslist. Generally, I’m not the type that likes to hunt for things (keep me away from the bargain bins) but I wanted to give this a try to see what I might be able to find if I just looked a little harder for “diamonds in the rough.”

I was pleasantly surprised with some of the finds I have to show you! All of these were taken from Philadelphia’s Craigslist since that’s the area where I live. If I weren’t moving so soon, I might snatch up one or two things myself!

Teak Table & Chairs: $200

I really loved this table. I think it’s beautiful & simple, but I could probably do without the chairs. Also, I think the awesome wine rack that the people have in their house is what attracted me to the picture ;)

Rustic Armoire: $250

I could just see a farmhouse style kitchen having this armoire as a china cabinet. It looks incredibly solid–probably quite a chore to physically move it to its new home!

Mid-Century Chair: $65

I found myself incredibly attracted to mid-century items that had clean lines & simplicity in function. This chair definitely fits that bill.

Card Catalogue: $400

Okay, maybe its just because I’m a book nerd, but a card catalogue?? Amazing! I can see this being used as a knick-knack drawer, a space to fit craft supplies, or even as a cool jewelry/accessory case for those girls who have accessories overflowing from every surface ;)

Everything in this picture is for sale: Chair, side table, owls, lamps, etc: Price unknown

Okay, this woman seriously needs to just open up a vintage store, STAT. She has an awesome vintage collection (see the post if you don’t believe me) and I’m very tempted to make an appointment to see some of her items in person. I particularly loved this high-back chair & the owl figurines. The pheasant/turkey fabric might not be my style, but I think it’s kitschy and fun!

A closer look at the side table: Price unknown

Here’s a close-up of that side table in the previous photo. Isn’t it gorgeous? It’s one of those pieces that I have no idea what it would cost…it could be $200, or it could be $700! It makes it difficult to commit to going to see it if I don’t know the price range of some of these items.

Vintage Chaise Lounge Chair: $700

Okay, this one deserved a mention because I can tell that if it was reupholstered in a fabric that didn’t make you want to claw your eyes out, it could be a very cool piece. It’s visually interesting, but perhaps a tad overpriced.

Mid-Century Wooden Desk: $700

I dug this desk in a major way: again, the simple lines and functionality of it drew me in.

70′s Pop Art Dresser: $400 

Okay, I saved the best (most interesting?) for last. I ADORE this dresser. I don’t think I’d use it in the bedroom, and it definitely doesn’t go with anything in my house, but I think I could find a place for it in my dream house ;) I could see it as a cool TV stand, an entry/foyer table, or a buffet in a very hip dining room. Seriously. Love this.

And that’s all for you today, friends! I had a very fun time writing this post & I learned a few things about the kind of furniture I’d be more likely to look for the next time I’m furniture shopping. I’m hoping that I get to do some decorating in our home in Spain so I can start building a collection of pieces I love, rather than just the big-box warehouse type furniture we currently have. Feel free to follow along with our adventures on my blog Married up with Wine!

Have a happy weekend!

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