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Okay, y’all, I was totally planning on coming back and posting today, but I had asked my sister to write a guest post for me and she came through in an amazing way. I didn’t want you guys to miss out on her awesome projects, so I had to share! I’ll be back tomorrow, but until then I hope you enjoy this post and leave my sister lots of love, because she doesn’t have a blog you can visit (although she absolutely should)!

Hey Love & Renovations readers – my name is Jennifer and I’m so excited to be guest posting for Amanda today! She’s pretty amazing (but y’all already knew that) and I’m lucky to call her my sister and BFF.

Now I need to be up front with you guys and lay it all out on the line. I am NOT a blogger. I am an avid blog reader, and I love me some DIYs and I absolutely LIVE for Before and Afters. However, the process of recording what I do on a daily or even weekly basis with actual pictures and words and stuff …. Yeah, fail.

So, while I was honored when Amanda asked me to do a guest post, it made me kinda nervous, too. You see, I have completed a bazillion projects around my house in the last 6 months, and I could walk around and take pictures of all the Afters, but to me it never means as much unless I can see the Befores. I began the process of digging through my camera, photo folders, and cell phone to try and see if somehow I managed to capture ANY of the work I’ve done along the way. I did come up with some things, but here comes the part where this non-blogging girl begs your forgiveness for the grainy, un-staged mess of pictures I am about to present. I totally give props to y’all for the effort it takes to get this stuff put together. And am laughing to myself about that one time I had an urge to start my own blog …



… and then I came back to reality. Today’s post will have to suffice.

First up, I have this desk purchased from my love, Craigslist. (Seriously Craig, I know I say terrible things about you sometimes and curse how hard it can be to find what I want, but I heart you. Xoxo)


It was my first refinishing project *evah* and I totally love how it turned out. We sanded, primed , and then spray painted the desk with Krylon Bauhaus Gold. The handles were spray painted with a gloss white and then we put a nice coat of satin poly on the whole thing. Now it serves as a nice home for my sewing machine. Sigh. Still in love with it after all this time.


Next we have my dining room table and chairs, which are by far the worst example of before pictures ever taken in blogging history, but it’s one of my favorite afters, so it got included.


The table is shown without any of the leaves and I was actually taking the picture of my chevron rug to send to Amanda. Luckily the recently acquired table made it into the background of the pic. There is also a close-up shot of the chairs which were HIDIOUS when I got them, 50+ years of grime and grossness. But that SHAPE – couldn’t resist!

Once again, we set in with the sanding, priming, and painting. And in the case of the chairs sanding, sanding, crying, cursing, sweating, sanding. Honestly, they were such a pain. But worth it …. I think ….. okay, maybe I shouldn’t revisit how much trouble they were. After all the refinishing was done on the chairs, I replaced the cushions and recovered them in a faux-ostrich for easy clean-up.

And here is the AFTER:

And last but not least is my copy-cat chair. I saw this chair on the Crate and Barrel website and fell in love with the Dwell
Studio fabric it was covered in.

Thanks to (seriously the BEST) I scored a few yards of the exact same fabric and then began hunting for a
chair to cover with it. Good old Craig came through for me again with this beauty –


It was in great condition and the style was similar to what I was looking for. I’m kind of obsessed with the mirrored furniture trend, but don’t want to deal with the possibility of breakage or fingerprints – not to mention the fact that I might be totally over it next year. So, after I stripped the old fabric, I sanded the wood and followed it up with a coat of gray primer. Then, I used a silver metallic glaze over the gray to give me the bit of bling I wanted without any risk or commitment. I finished it up by recovering with my Dwell fabric and sewing a new seat cushion cover.

And here is the AFTER:

Thanks so much for letting me visit the world of blogging, and while I don’t have a cool site to direct you to, maybe my sis will let me visit every once in a while. *wink*

11 thoughts on “Guest Post – Jennifer (my sister!)

  1. Oh my god!! You two are such incredibly talented sisters!! Your projects are gorgeous & so inspiring! You guys should go into business together refinishing stuff–I’d definitely be buying your furniture!!


  2. clearly, this refurbishing furniture thing is a genetic gift. i can’t tell which project is my favorite!!! The dining room table & chairs (seriously incredible makeover there)? That gorgeous copy-cat seat? Your adorable sewing table????? I’m at a loss. I know I’ve said this a million times to Amanda, but now I think I seriously need the BOTH of you to come to Philly and just re-design my life.


  3. There is too much talent between the two of you. I’m just drooling over your copy cat chair and that desk makes me wish I sewed. What a perfect, buttery, rich, yellow color. How do you y’all find such great buys on craigslist?! I am seriously jealous.


  4. Um, I think Jennifer needs to get a blog and teach us all how to do that. This post makes me want to go buy a new house to fill with new (old) furniture I redid. Loved this post!


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