Friday Finds: Sideboard Edition

I don’t know what my new obsession with sideboards and buffets is, but I want one – bad! The ones I’m typically drawn to are the ones that would be better fit for a dining room, but my dining room really doesn’t have room for something like that, so I’ll have to live out my love for buffets on the blog for now.

It was kind of an accident that all of my finds this week were sideboards, but I love ’em, and I really wish we had the money and/or space to buy one right now.

(Craigslist Austin) – $40

Okay, just hear me out on this one. I know it’s in pretty rough shape, and it’s not looking so cute right now, but this dresser has so much potential for sideboard amazingness. If you can get past the weathered finish, you can see that it has some awesome mid-century lines to it (look at those legs!) and I love the shapes of the drawers. I’d love to sand this guy down and paint him a super glossy white – maybe even lacquer it! This would look amazing in a dining room (hell, it’d look amazing in a bedroom too!) and it would be perfect for storing plates, or extra serving pieces that you don’t use quite as often.

(Craigslist Austin) – $225

This is a nice little shabby chic buffet, with an emphasis on shabby and a giant lack of chic. I actually really like the color combination that’s going on with this buffet already, but I think that the white needs to be much brighter, and not distressed. The hardware could also use a serious update, but I would definitely leave the top alone – it’s gorgeous! This piece is actually small enough that it could probably fit into our kitchen, but the $225 price tag isn’t quite as appealing to me as the amazing $40 of the other one!

(Craigslist Austin) – $285

Love, love, love this one. Seriously. LOVE. Our dining room will have a lot of wood tones in it once all is said and done (wood flooring, giant wood table, and we’re still debating on whether or not we’ll paint our chairs or leave ’em in a wood tone) so I would definitely want to refinish it. I think this piece would really look amazing in almost any color. I can see it being a nice, glossy white (can you tell that I have an impulse to just paint everything white?!) but I think it would also look awesome in a punchy, fun color. My brain is on a bit of a coral kick right now after helping my sister pick out an amazing coral color for the back of a bookcase, so that’s the color I’m picturing this right now, and I think it could be fantastic!

Of course, I’m going to have to just drool over all these for now since I can’t actually get a buffet yet, but just drooling over things is fun sometimes! I actually could really use a piece like one of these for our entryway (the table we have there now is entirely too small!) but I feel like all of these except the dresser are much too dining room-y to use in the living room/entryway, and the dresser wouldn’t work for us since we already have a dresser-turned-entertainment-console hanging out in our living room. Ah well, I’m sure I’ll find something someday!

Are you a sideboard fan? Do you go through phases of lusting after specific furniture pieces like I seem to?

8 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Sideboard Edition

  1. I have a serious addiction to card catalogs lately. I just feel that my life won’t be complete unless I have one, refinish it, and make it furniture in my house. I have a problem, so I totally feel you on the sideboard compulsion.


  2. I love them so much too! I already have one and I keep looking at them. I think I want to use one as a dresser next. Unless of course I can find something as awesome as your dresser pair!


  3. I didn’t even know what a side board was until we went furniture shopping. Jim really wanted one and now I love it. Oh and I am the same way with obsessing over random things. We have no room for a day bed right now, but I’ve been looking at them everywhere.


  4. I love sideboards/buffets/hutches. I basically just want to buy a new house with a dining room to fill with as much dining room furniture as I can handle. It’s getting out of hand.

    In fact, we love sideboards so much in my house, that we repurposed a dresser from my bedroom set as a temporary buffet. We store board games in it and cookbooks on top!


  5. We don’t have a dining room at all, but I dream of one day having a beautiful buffet table!! Haha the first one is my favorite, believe it or not. Tons of potential there & it’s a great price!


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