Time to Move!

In just a couple of hours, Corey and I will be heading out to pick up our (gigantic) UHaul truck. We’re going to spend today loading up, cleaning, and saying goodbye to College Station.

Then, in the morning, we are out of here.

Things are going to be really crazy for us over the next few days as we get settled and start unpacking – I’m going to try to get as much as possible done over the next week, because I start work the second week of August. So, because of all of the insanity that is about to descend on my life, I’m taking a week-long blogging break. I’m going to spend my time unpacking, enjoying my new house, and possibly (probably?) even adding a new addition to our family (more on that later)!

I’ll be back next Monday, but be sure to still check in on the blog, because I’m not leaving you guys totally neglected! I called upon my wonderful friends, and I have some super awesome guest posts coming your way. So, get excited, and send me lots of good thoughts over this next week – I’m going to be one busy lady!

How long does it usually take you to get settled when you move?

9 thoughts on “Time to Move!

  1. Have fun this weekend! When we moved, I was a little crazy on the unpacking and had the majority of it done by the next day. I highly doubt our next move will be unpacked that quickly.


  2. Months to get settled and for it to feel like home, but you got a huge jump on that by painting before moving in. It will already have a touch of your personality from day 1. Good luck.


  3. Happy moving weekend, moving-buddy! We are cleaning up this weekend and are OFFICIALLY moved to the Austin area on Monday. Have a great weekend, I hope everything runs smoothly!


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