It’s Ours!

After two days of hellish anxiety, way too much driving, and more stress than I can even begin to describe, Corey and I are officially homeowners.

We dealt with a ridiculous amount of incompetency from our bank on Monday, and Corey had to make a second drive to Austin yesterday to fix some paperwork that apparently wasn’t signed correctly the first time (really?), but as of about 4:00 yesterday afternoon, we have the keys and the house is ours!

I may expand on all of the bank/closing drama later, but right now I’m still a bit too bitter to get into it. Just know that the bank we worked with was difficult to deal with every step of the way, and I am so glad we don’t have to deal with them anymore beyond sending in our monthly payment.

I’d love to write a longer post, but I’m incredibly busy painting, packing, and cleaning our little duplex so we can be ready to move in a week and a half!

If you’re a homeowner, did you have any trouble at closing on your house?


  1. Brooke says:

    CONGRATS! The ultimate prize is that you’ve now got that amazing house. The first two banks we worked with were completely ridiculous and tried to run us through the mill. We ended up choosing Coldwell Banker, and though the process was still iffy (and irritating) at times, it ended up alright. So sorry you guys had to deal with financing drama! But at least it’s all over now, and we can look forward to following all your fun renovations!


  2. Sarah B. says:

    Congrats! That picture is so cute :) Glad it’s all over with now! We didn’t have any problems as far as our actual closing, it went really really smoothly. But we did change the closing date one day earlier and apparently the sellers never got the memo, so we had to delay by one day. Then they told us a time that they’d be out and changed it three times. We finally got in around 8:30 on Friday night when we were supposed to be in at noon! Oh well, glad it’s over now.


  3. Jess says:

    I’m so beyond excited for you guys, and I have to admit, a little excited for myself. I just can’t wait to see what you guys do with a more permanent space!!!! I know it’s going to be all kinds of fab. Aaaah! So awesome!!


  4. Nichole says:

    Congrats! My hubs and I just put an offer in on a house last night! I’d love to know what bank you were working with so we can avoid them..


    Amanda Reply:

    We’re working with BOA. From what I’ve heard, their fees are great and much lower than other banks, but with that you get a much lower quality of service.


  5. Alice says:

    We ran into issues during our closing as well, but now that the house is yours. Time. To. Celebrate. COME ON! Can’t wait to see how you make this home, yours!


  6. Maggie says:

    Ugh, so sorry that closing was a pain, but congratulations on becoming homeowners!!! I’ve loved what you’ve shown us of the house so far, and I can’t wait to see it once you’re all moved in!


  7. Jill H says:

    Well, congratulations on home ownership. I promise you, the negative feelings will be at the back of your mind soon as you get all settled into your new home. Buying your first home always seems to have snags and really …. sucks. Sorry you had such a hard time with it but YAY you’re in it now!! Wooohooo!


  8. Estelle says:

    Sorry to hear your closing was a pain! We bought a foreclosure so we faced a lot of challenges before & during the closing process. Lke the bank would only accept a wire from us for the final payment, which is like actually pretty difficult to do right now. And we had to use the mortgage company’s computers and it was just complicated. We found out later they were so adamant about this because their bank was going under in like a month and they wanted to make sure they really had their money in hand. Luckily, we had a great RE lawyer, and our RE agent was with us every step of the way with extreme patience. While I’m happy we were able to get a house at such a great value (even though there was a lot of work to be done), I would never wish the foreclosure process on anyway.

    Can’t wait to hear about all of your adventures in Austin! Congrats (and also, beware… it’s a scary/complicated/frustrating club to be in too!) But worth it! Totally!


  9. Cindie says:

    Congrats on the house! Closing is such a PIA but once it’s done it’s all worth it. We had a hell of a time at our closing. First when going thru the final walkthru at the house the bank called and wanted copies of our last pay stubs so Hubs had to call work (we work at the same company) and have the HR group fax those over. Then we drove 45 minutes north to the office for the closing only to have the whole thing delayed for 3 hours. THEN we finally are signing papers and are ready to hand in the check at closing and turns out BOTH our mortgage broker and our lawyer didn’t give us the correct amount we needed to have! We had to rush to find one of our affiliate banks, get another bank check to cover the difference in PMI and it was 5:00 – bank was closing at 5:30! It was such an ordeal but once we handed over the check, keys and garage door openers were in our hot little hands!


  10. shoshanah says:

    I’m pretty sure you can’t close on a house without drama! I know while we didn’t have any drama on the actual day, leading up to it was another story. For example, my fiance’s parents wrote him a check as a gift, (it was around Christmas), but since we needed our bank statements and they saw it they needed a letter in writing from his father that it was a gift and not a loan. And then last minute they decided they needed a copy of his transcript from his Phd program. Of course this didn’t happen all at once, but instead every week, so everytime we thought we could close something else happened.

    But of course, congrats on making it through closing and your new house!


  11. Shelia says:

    My husband and I are in the process of buying our first home and expecting our first child! I agree, its a pain in the butt. We have had several delays due to the appraisal coming back lower than the house was selling for so this is our second home that we’re hoping to close on *fingers crossed* And then the seller wants to stay in the house an extra week after closing which means we’ll get in there at the end of August…which means I only have 3 months to get settled before our little one arrives. *whew* But good luck :)


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