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This past weekend, I hopped onto Twitter and announced that Corey and I would be doing something very exciting on Saturday, but I didn’t really provide any details. I felt bad being such a tease, but I couldn’t hold my excitement in, and I didn’t want to say anything about it until I knew for sure it was going to pan out.

And now, I can tell you what we were doing.

We were looking at a house, because we’re officially hunting for a home to buy in August.


Let me tell you the full story.

For the last few months, the thought of where Corey and I would live when we moved in August was enough to send me into a panic attack. We had no idea what our plans were, couldn’t figure out what the best option was, and were too stressed to even begin thinking about it.

But one day last week, all of that suddenly changed.

Corey likes to browse real estate listings all the time. There’s just something about the future real estate agent in him that draws him to the internet to look at houses. It’s never been a big deal, until one day he sat me down and let me know that he would seriously like to think about the idea of buying in August.

Wait, what?

I was immediately thrown off. We hadn’t even really considered the idea of buying for at least a few month after we moved to Austin, and the whole home thing wasn’t even on our radar. But Corey had found a home that he loved, and he really wanted to pursue it. I listened to his ideas and looked at the house, and suddenly, I was in love too. Oops.

I was pretty against the idea at first, until I started doing my research. To rent a small house or duplex with a backyard, it would cost us just the same (if not more) as a mortgage (plus tax and insurance) would. If we wanted to save any money, we’d have to move into a 600ish square foot, one bedroom, one bathroom apartment. On the top floor. With 80 pounds worth of dogs. And all of our furniture.

The more I thought about it, the more I realized that buying is really the natural option. We know Austin well, since we both grew up there, so we’re not worried about ending up in an area we hate, and we want to buy eventually, so why put it off?

So, we scheduled a viewing of the house on Saturday.

And, oh man, was it ever disappointing.

We actually did like the house almost as much as we had in the photos, but the neighborhood? Yeah, it wasn’t going to happen. Let’s just say it was one of the sketchiest neighborhoods I’ve ever seen, plus it was less than a mile away from a fire station, train tracks, and a major toll road. Not ideal.

So, the house was crossed off the list.

We are pretty disappointed that it didn’t work out, but we’re feeling optimistic. We’re planning on heading back to Austin this weekend to go look at some more houses (w, and we’re feeling really good about some of the options we’ve seen online. We’re so excited about the idea of buying now rather than later, and we can’t wait to see where this journey takes us!

I promise to update on the process as we go, and I promise next time I’ll actually include a few photos! Hopefully the next time I talk about this whole house-buying thing, I’ll have some good news!

Have you ever been disappointed in a house that you loved online?

11 thoughts on “Our Exciting News

  1. The first few months of our house hunt was like that, but we eventually started understanding the trend of what we looked for and it got better. At least until the $$$ showed up. Ha!

    Good luck this weekend and can’t wait to see your new digs!


  2. It’s so funny that you write this. James and I began househunting officially when we also fell in love with a house online. Hardwood floors, gorgeous garden, brick fireplace. Adorable. It inspired us to call my realtor friend and finally get a realtor referral in the area we were looking.

    We felt the same disappointment when we pulled up and the neighborhood was so sketchy. The house was certainly the gem of the neighborhood, but there were A LOT of other houses for sale on the block (never a good sign) and there were bars on the windows next door. No wonder why the price was amazing.

    The search continued from there, and it only took us about 2 more weeks to fall in love with a foreclosure. haha. The crappiest house in the best neighborhood – that was our mantra.

    Wishing you lots of luck! Hope you have the best time searching. It was so exciting for us!


  3. This is certainly exciting! I wish you luck on your search.. and yea, the internet can be tricky :/ It’s like some of those dating websites where people only tell you the highlights and leave out the icky parts. Have you guys thought about getting a realtor?


    Amanda Reply:

    Whoops – I wasn’t very clear about that in the post, was I? We actually already have a realtor, and he’s the one who’ll be showing us houses this weekend! :)


  4. Oh no! I’m SO sorry!! That has definitely happened to us and it is such a let down. I really hope you all find something, it’s great that you’re looking now to give yourself some time. We had 2 offers not work out (someone else came and offered more, so we were out), and I fell in love with both of those houses. It was so heartbreaking to keep looking. But we did, and we love our house. So it all worked out!


  5. So exciting!! It’s crazy how different a house can be/look in person from its listing online. Hoping you find something you LOVE! We bought a house for the same reason – It made no sense to pay the same amount in rent at an apartment we weren’t even happy in. Instead we’re paying a mortgage and investing into our house which we absolutely love! It’s so rewarding being a homeowner!


  6. So excited for you!!! Enjoy the process and remember that you’ll know when you find the right one. Sometimes it just takes a little time to find the house you want to make your home.


  7. Hi Amanda! I just found your blog this morning and have enjoyed reading it so far! My husband and I just bought a house in January — so I know exactly what you’re going through. It’s so exciting but also so very, very frustrating. You’ll find that perfect house and everything will work out — for now though — good luck!

    I can’t wait to follow you on your journey!


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